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High School to College Coaching Program

To make something as frightening as a college essay feel like creating an exciting piece of art is a very rare ability and one which Vicki encapsulates in its entirety. With her kindness and genius she leads you down the path of articulating yourself ... by the end, not only will you have an essay this is a snapshot of who you are, but you will also have a deeper understanding of what makes you, you. I cannot thank her enough, or give higher praise.”
- Adam R., Kenyon College 


The college application process can be an overwhelming experience. Trevor had the unique skill to put my daughter at ease and help her bring out the best in herself. He aided my daughter through her college application essay journey with skill and clear direction. When I read the final draft I cried my eyes out. It was absolutely beautiful and encapsulates who she is. Thank you!
- Alexis S., Parent 

It is absolutely remarkable and crucial for us to have found Trevor. He is part of our daughter's life now, and therefore ours, and he is the perfect definition of a mentor. With his experience, skills, and methodology, together with a sincere passion for his work, he has managed, from the first moments, to help Camille discover her strengths, her points for improvement, as well as other skills and passions that she had not yet seen in herself. All of this will make it easy for her to establish the corresponding action plans for her future. 

- Eugenio A., Parent