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Over the years we have worked with nonprofit organizations and companies during times of transition and growth to help them gain clarity about their core values, strategic direction, and how to tell their story in a way that will deliver the outcomes they seek. Once again, we bring a documentary approach to define where they have come from, where they are today, and then facilitate a process to help set a resolute course for the future.​ 

Case Study: Creative Visions



  • Worked with the founders to rebrand and refine the organization's story/messaging.

  • Identified highest value programs for revenue and impact and then created fundraising strategy to increase annual revenues (which quickly doubled)

  • Made key new introductions to new recurring funders and board members

  • Produced numerous short films to expand reach of messaging

  • Completed a full organizational audit and rebuilt infrastructure to support growth

"Trevor and his team came at exactly the right moment. I had been spinning plates for so long and needed help. What they did for us was simply transformational, and we've never looked back."

 - Kathy Eldon, Founder

Case Study: RISE Group


  • Worked  directly with CEO, President, and SVP of a mid-sized program management firm, with high-end clientele

  • Helped document most valuable clients and projects to better position company for a potential sale or investment.

  •  Assisted with messaging to demonstrate that the company's value was greater then the bottom line EBITA in order to make the case for a higher times earnings valuation.

  • During and after the sale of company to a major global program management firm, assisted with transitional communication to current employees.

"Trevor brought a grounded integrity to our work together, and  quickly became a trusted advisor to our top leadership team during a critical and sensitive time. The outcome of that period was a successful sale to an ideal buyer."

 - Sonia Cooke, Senior Vice President (former)

Case Study: Cultivate Collective


  • Worked  directly with Founder, CFO, and Board of Directors during lead-up to breaking ground on one of the world's most environmentally sustainable community development campuses.

  •  Created a business plan for an Institute on the Cultivate Collective campus to help share lessons learned.

  • Worked with key leadership and consultants to design the structure/relationship between the original school and the new organization.

  • Worked in tandem with other outside consultants to shape the name, mission, and vision statement for the new organization.

  • Made strategic introductions to potential funding sources.

  • Produce a short promotional film.

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