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Trevor Brodie Hall


Featured Work:


Handing One Another Along


Other Publications & Talks:

  • "A Documentary Classroom", DoubleTake Magazine

  • The Edison Cafe, DoubleTake Magazine, republished in The St. Martin's Guide to Writing

  • From Story to Consequence, TEDx Pacific Palisades


Trevor is an experienced educator and writer who has spent decades guiding young adults from around the world on personal growth adventures, helping them explore life's biggest questions and gain clarity about their highest held goals and values, while also learning to listen to the stories of others as one life's greatest teachers. All of this leads them to discover how they can become ambitious authors of their own life narrative, and play their part in making the world a better place for all of us..

In 2001, Trevor founded Open Roads Academy, an organization dedicated to promoting personal growth and positive mental health through programs that combine reflective time in nature with an introduction to the creative story arts of writing, photography and film for a diverse range of high school students who are making the transition to college, and beyond. These programs pioneered a combination of travel, the outdoors, and an immersion in the story arts in order to help students develop a powerful sense of their own personal agency. Over the years, Open Roads expanded to offer its unique brand of teaching and learning in new ways, including creative workshops and retreats for companies and nonprofits, production support for documentary films, and eventually providing extended strategic management consulting for organizations seeking to scale their impact.

As part of the consulting work, Trevor spent four years as the President and CEO of Creative Visions Foundation. In his time in this position, Creative Visions launched an online curriculum called Rock Your World that has been used in more than 25,000 classrooms. They also provided production and distribution support to 150+ documentary filmmakers, and helped produce the long-awaited narrative feature film, Journey is the Destination, about the inspirational story of the founder’s son, photojournalist Dan Eldon (available on Netflix).

Trevor went on to produce dozens of short films to help foundations expand the impact of their grants; directed and sold a youth-focused documentary short film series to Disney’s Freeform channel; produced an hour-long special about the importance of quality early childhood education for the Saul Zaentz Foundation; and produced the feature-length documentary film, Soufra (along with publishing a companion cookbook) that tells the story of an all-women led food truck business launched from inside a refugee camp. 

Among his boards and committee work, Trevor was a 6-year member of the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Alumni Council. He is currently a Board Member of TREE Academy in Los Angeles, and on the Advisory Board for The Foundation for Systemic Change, the Social Impact Media Awards, and the Academy for Global Citizenship in Chicago -- an award-winning public school that just broke ground on one of the world's most environmentally advanced community development campuses. 

Trevor lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters and continues to deepen his commitment to using time in nature and the power of story to make the world a better place.

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