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"Taking a Year ON"

For those looking to take a year "on" before going to college, or who want to enliven their college years with experiential exploration, we would relish the opportunity to  co-create adventures of a lifetime. 

From selecting programs around the world tailored to your passions, to curating a reading list that stirs reflection, to recommending films and talks that will inspire you, to helping you find volunteer experiences that will fill your soul, to encouraging your own original creative projects, we aim to be your partner in designing the architecture for your time on.


We also do our best to walk with you on the journey via regular calls or video chats, to guide you through reflection prompts on your experiences as it happens, drawing out the lessons that will help you thrive in college and beyond.


We believe that time in nature, travel, first-hand experiences, and learning to listen to the stories of others are simply the best teachers the world has to offer. 



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