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res-o-lute: admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering

Resolute began at Harvard University when our founders, Trevor Hall and Vicki Kennedy, were Co-head Teaching Fellows for the renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Robert Coles’ course, A Literature of Social Reflection. This course was rooted in the documentary arts, and was often referred to as one that would “change your life.” Most of the students in this course were seniors at the college and used this class to reflect on their values and have those inform what careers they would pursue. It was this experience, working with hundreds of Harvard seniors, that inspired our approach to life’s major transitions.

After Dr. Coles' retirement, Trevor and Vicki co-edited the book, Handing One Another Along, which aimed to document the heart and ethos of this course. From that point on, they have been developing and constantly refining a documentary--based philosophy to help companies, nonprofits, and individuals bring clarity to life's most meaningful moments of transition. 

We have now worked with hundreds of high school students during their transition to college as well as college graduates heading into graduate school or their careers. In each case, we begin with a documentary approach to understanding where they have been, who they are today, and where they want to go in the future. We then facilitate a process that helps them zero in on their highest held beliefs and values. From there, we collaborate to craft a plan of action and to present their most authentic and compelling story through their college essays, resumés, and interviews.

Specific to high school students, we believe the necessity of the college essay writing process provides a moment to not only help young adults put forward their most compelling personal stories and maximize their chances of admissions into the best college for that individual's life goals, but it is also a time for reflection, a time to declare their own direction and make a healthy leap to college, and beyond. We aim to use this process to help them see their innate life skills and become part of a generations of creative and adaptive problem-solvers. Our students will become the kind of independent thinkers who will thrive in a global reality that is explicitly defined by change and uncertainty -- individuals who will shape a better future for all of us.

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