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  • College essay writing support (available as part of the coaching package or stand-alone)

  • Out-of-school program selection advising (summers and spring break)

  • Year-round extracurricular experiential learning choices

  • Gap year advising

Resolute begins its college coaching with students as early as 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, providing regular calls to help them gain clarity about their interests, talents, and values. We then work together to build their life story, or "college profile," through well-chosen experiences, out-of-school programs, and their own original projects. This process positions each student for success in the college essay writing process, while developing essential life skill that are most predictive of positive life outcomes.

We ramp up our support to bring a greater sense of ease during the college essay writing process, ensuring that all students put their most authentic and compelling story forward in a way that moves them closer to their desired life outcomes. Doing this also gives them the best chance for admission into the ideal college or university to realize these individual life goals. 


We firmly believe that college is only one step in creating a life marked by career stability, financial independence, health, and positive relationships. However, we recognize that the college essay writing and application process offers one of life's true rites of passage, a time when a young person first begins to declare their own individual path in life. Our role is to help them do so with a resolute sense of where they are headed.

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